Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pest control

i'm being such a camera pest.
i can't help it though.
with a great new toy 
and super cute subjects
who can blame me?

at first they seemed unaffected...

...then they were all like 
beat it, lady.


sorry the blog has been so boring lately.
things have been pretty hectic
with the new job and all.

in other news
jesse got me a great camera for christmas
with all sorts of gadgets.
filters, tripod, blah bibitty blah...
needless to say, i'm reading a bunch of manuals.
so exciting! 
this is one of my favorite shots so far.
my little monchichi dog, doobs.
she's eleven but still looks like a pup to me.
her dirty bed looks eleven though. ew.

in other, other news
our first anniversary is new years eve!
seems like just yesterday i was sewing the invitations and
making a shit ton of paper flowers and deserts 
for the sweets table.

do you guys make new year's resolutions?
i don't every year
but two years back i made sort of a new years acronym:
fast bag
it started off as kind of a joke but it really worked.



more of an ongoing reminder to put foot cream on every night,
wear sunscreen everyday & exfoliate every other day
and stay fit.
fast bag.
i'm happy to report that i did keep up all year.
thinking about doing it again.
what will it be this year...?

winter white.

thinking of all my snowed in friends.
hopefully you'll be able to find some beauty
in the inconvenience of extreme conditions.
snow on your dog's nose.
rosy cheeks on your little ones.
reading by the fire.
hot chocolate.
i'm thinking
a bottle of wine, big wooly socks,  and a kitten.
but that's just me.
image from the diary of carl kleiner

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010


trying to plan a holiday dinner for fifteen or so.
it's a lovely artistic group
{save a few manly, outdoorsy types}
that may very well appreciate if these were served
instead of a real meal.

darling, no?
served at cardigan.

Monday, December 13, 2010

grind it til you find it

i'm switching gears and going back to the grind, y'all!
feels like just yesterday when i was just trying to get used to
next thing you know
calls start rolling in
interviews start dipping into my *free time*
and i'm negotiating multiple offers
{no kidding! and i wasn't even looking- they found me!}

so happy with the way things have turned out.
the time i've spent at working from home
has been incredible.
extremely grateful for having a taste of what it will be like
if i decide to take another corporate hiatus
be it permanent or temporary.

if i didn't want to 
sell our current house & buy a new {old} one
start a family
go to the maldives
buy everything i see on etsy
and treat myself to the spa on occasion
i would definitely give up the cash and stay home.
nothing feels better than home.
but for now
i'm grinding it.
yes- i DESPISED my last job
but i won't let that get me down on the whole advertising industry.
i've still got some spark left in me!
plus, i didn't want to pass up the opportunity
to work with clients
who were recently awarded
i'm totally geeked about it.
i hope they don't think i'm a weirdo
when i show up with a box of 
old rusty wire bins
and vintage office supplies.

image from AMradio on etsy which is a lovely, lovely shop.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

sedimentary, my dears.

i love charcoal gray. 
{or grey, whichever it is}
my closet used to be organized
now it seems more like grayscale.
anyway, back to charcoal.
i'm digging the real live version right now, too.
apparently, it has some fab properties for skin care.
yay, nature!
last week, i used my gift card from origins 
on their active charcoal mask.
tried it today.
when it dried it was so tight!
i ran to the mirror so i could make
strange faces and watch it crackle.
rinsing it off felt incredible.
all in all a lovely experience.
the dark moody mask makes it feel less girly, too. 
and since i'm not a girly gal
it's right up my alley.

image credit to soapalaya.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


it snowed today. 
not nearly as much as i would need to
make something like this happen.
but even a light snow has a nice twinkle to offer.
ah, nature.
it finally feels december-y.

sweater stockings.

finally got around to making some stockings
from two of my favorite old sweaters.
super easy.
i just drew a template and pinned it to the sweater.

then cut two pieces from the sweater {one of the front, one for the back} 
leaving room on the outer edges for stitching.
i also cut a long strip of sweater to use as a hanging loop.

just some simple machine stitches around the edges. 
folded over the top and stitched for a finished edge.
hand stitched the loop to the inside edge.

i hope mine is full of jo malone pomegranate noir perfume 
and necklaces from my etsy favorites list.
but i'll gladly settle for sea salted dark chocolate bars.

i need your help with decorating for the holiday!
i'm hosting this year and really don't
love christmas colors {red and green}.
boo me, right? 
hey-just being honest.
i'm leaning towards wooden clogs,
fresh garlands and pine cones.
{where is the bag of pine cones i collected this fall?}
bundles of fat candles on wooden trays.
you know...fire hazard kind of stuff.
halp. what else?

Monday, December 6, 2010

the jackson 501st.

not the first star wars alphabet we've covered, but definitely the cutest.
i'm also digging their range of characters...
although a little weird seeing intergalactic badasses look so cuddly.
these were all done up by brandon peat.
you can see them all up close on his site.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shag carpets and peanut brittle.

check out the candy coated goodness of the Holden Hurricane.
too bad you would most certainly die if you drove it,
there'd be mennen and chest hair all over the highway.

sexified at jalopnik.

the power of the people.

what do you do with 30,000 soldiers and one camera?
create some mind-bending patriotic photos from 80ft in the air.
this was in 1918. i'm impressed.

i really love the bizarre perspective of the buildings
when you get to the people in the back.

lots more at the link.

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