Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bootie up

there are many other things i should be doing with my time
besides thinking about fall fashions
but i can't help it right now! 

last year, i completely struck out
in the favorite bootie category.
since anything platform is out of the question for me,
{they make me look like a cartoon character}
{sometimes...a stripper}
 it was really hard to find a perfect pair.
i swear everything that was remotely simple looking 
at first glance ended up being platform. 
this year, i decided dive in early 
and give l.l. bean signature line a try.

look great. feel great.
the leather is soft & glorious.
they are going to look fantastic
with dressier stuff i have to wear to work
-like tweed pencil skirts-
and still rock with denim trousers. 
{i feel better about my purchases
when i can get my mix & match awn.}

seriously- what fall gear are you crushing on?

denim trousers, cardigan, tights & necklace from anthropologie
vintage belt from JenniferLillyVintage on etsy 
tank by madewell, tweed pencil skirt from j.crew
booties by l.l.bean signature.


Monday, August 30, 2010

i double dog dare you.

miranda july is incredible.
she has an amazing ability to bring people together
in the most demented ways.

these are all part of "eleven heavy things"
which will be in union square park for the next month
so if you live in new york, go meet a stranger.

on a pedestal at juxtapoz.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

gimme your digits.

this would make nice wallpaper.
math rocks y'all.
especially on a retrolicious calculatron.

computed at io9.

so intense

for you
to think about
my dears.

as soon as my somethings happen
i will let you know.
things are simmering over here.

falling for you. deux.

cardigan and earrings from modcloth, jeans from anthropologie,  
hobo bag from hayden-harnett, shoes from urban outfitters.

modern romance.
or something.
whatever you want to call it...
i'm going to embrace this look
this fall.

with some wrist worms from sandra juto
i can wear this look
in the cooler months too.

greetings fall.
are you guys feeling the love yet?
if it weren't for the leaves changing
{and falling into my gutters}
i might not be as close along...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pillow fight.

the snow - tokujin yoshioka

further proof that if you challenge mother nature,
even in a competition of beauty,
she will destroy you completely.

breezed at dezeen.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

thank you for smoking

it's called the smokehouse.
when incense is lit in the burner
smoke curls from the chimney

found among other wonderful things at gretel

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

puffeh kitteh

finally got around to snapping some shots of the 
three dimensional-ish kitten.
still don't know much about her
except that she's from the 40s.
and still in the original frame.

you can tell better from this shot
that she's puffy.

her next stop: harmonie park

what do you think of her?

falling for you

i'm getting ready for the transition to fall.
pretty excited about it.
{it's been damn hot, for reals.}
perhaps a little shopping is in order?

pairing feminine details
{blouse & scarf}
with masculine structure & texture
{love the rinse & pocket on the thigh!}
feels right at home to me.

i'd also be comfortable swapping out the blouse
for a white tee
{in which case i'd add my long, thin gold chain}
i would likely switch to my filson field bag too.

even swapping out the mary janes
and switching to my 
works for me.

are you guys excited for fall or what?
don't get me wrong, i'm going to embrace 
every last summer moment...
but i really do love a good change
every now and again.
{especially when it's my clothes}

twist hem long-sleeve blouse: topshop
easy jean: toast
perforated arrow skimmers: urban outfitters
washed wool scarf: j. crew
wood & woven clutch: piperlime

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


episode IX: the dark side of the living room.

saddled at geekologie.

the force is strong.

he's back.

this time with a video of the process...

chris mcveigh eats midichlorians for breakfast.

rodent wrangled at gizmodo.

fort ultimate.

if you have small boys
and don't build them this fort
you don't love them.

this is awesome to the extreme.
designed by frank havermans.
it's in the netherlands.

defended at dezeen.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the epic battle of light and dark.

this is the first jewelry that's made me want to be a girl.
orbital antlers? gilded entrails? incredible.
plus they look amazing sitting on their "spirit animals".
all the work of tithi kutchamuch.

eviscerated at dezeen.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tito tuesday

we've been adoring the eames rocker for decades now, haven't we?
tito, on the other hand, hasn't been around quite that long.
she has a great fondness for this prized beauty nonetheless.
ummm but yeah... she only likes to sit underneath. 
she takes comfort in the confines of the eiffel base
and uses the rocker bar as a foot rest.
jolly good then, tito.

p.s. she has bunny feet.

Monday, August 2, 2010

concrete is buzzing.

your monday morning coffee brought to you by concrete?
thanks to shmuel linski, we have a jaw-dropping espresso concept.
i want.

poured at dezeen.
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