Tuesday, June 30, 2009

thomas jefferson would've had an awesome blog

these are from a great article in the times by maira kalman.
the first is her painting. the second is tommy jeff's list. he was a listmaker.
i like listmakers.

read the article, it's nice.

the earl of awesome.

gie us a cuppa...

bits of badass prints from mark weaver.
creepy and technical. perfect.

but them at etsy.

chickety check

alright, so we've all seen the ol' art on a clipboard on your mantle dealio. i've seen some really well done displays and i really do like them. but i see them so often when i'm cruising design blogs, etc. that i'm kinda over them as a possibility for my own home. that doesn't take away any of my love for clipboards. no, no, nuh-no. i'm leaning towards this clip style versus the typical, larger metal one. so nice and simple. and the white folder version is to die for. perfect desk accessory.

i was initially drawn to and, spring (o-check's store) because of some really cute calendars featured on design*sponge. which btw you can download monthly for free. NICE! just click on "wallpapers" in the upper right corner of the page. and here's a unique combo: korean and french inspired goods. you need to see it for yourself. the site setting is a combo of korean and english so it's not the easiest to navigate but well worth the trip. and even though i cannot translate any of the posts i REALLY enjoyed their blog as well. do yourself a favor and flip through a few pages.

ok LAST BUT NOT LEAST you HAVE to click here to see the header on their graphic design website. so sweet. wait for it...yep, it moves. the bird and a skirt and some toes. aww.

Monday, June 29, 2009

spies like us

ok. plain type. note card. paper clip. mini version (file folder). stamp. aaaaaaaaaah. what a brilliant surprise party invitation?! who wouldn't be pumped to get this in the mail? and who wouldn't be blushing like crazy if this was made in their honor? so thoughtful. what a great idea. i sort of want to crash the party.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

love is in the air

behold, the airplant. tillansia if you like the particulars (yay, nerds!). no. soil. required. swear. submerge in water for an hour once every 2 weeks in winter. once a week in summer. is takes water in through its leaves. how cool is that?

these photos are from artemisia. go back to my pigeon toed post to see more on pigeon toe ceramics. go on. treat yourself. and for the record: these are light enough to be picked up by curious cats and get tossed around and chompy chomped. choose your placements wisely.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

felt up

if it's felty and soft i probably have a crush on it. and oooooooooooooooooooooooh this pebble rug from west elm is no exception. unfortunately, to my canine crew this would be an open invitation to a pee party. so, i dream about felted wool rug goodness. and i hope that someone i know will buy this rug and not FOR ONE MINUTE take for granted the luxury of having a rug and the freedom from pee pee.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

get a woody

i'm running amuk today so i gotsta be quick. luckily these pretty much speak for themselves. super cute birch greeting cards from night owl paper goods. send one as a greeting or keep it as a little piece of art. and a shout out to every woman in love with owls, birds, and/or toadstools... rest assured they have you covered. chickety check.

Monday, June 22, 2009

say cheese

glazed earthenware, cast by hand. i love you.
find it at yellow owl workshop with a gazillion other cool things for the wish list.

decisions, decisions.

what is the likelihood that my most difficult decision today will be which shoes to order for this dress?

lucy the beaded splurge by elie tahari
molly the coral wink by frye

Friday, June 19, 2009

eli meet abby


[eli, no!] made my day
thank you katie kirk

open the pod bay doors HAL

hello future

more info courtesy of metaphys
...if you can read japanese

raise your hand. raise your hand if you're sure.

if you would rather be one breath, one movement right now, raise your hand. if you would rather have the light within me bow to the light within you right now, raise your hand. actually, no. everybody put your hands down. hands down. raise your hand if you WOULD NOT rather be wearing these comfy clothes and saluting the sun. now, everyone with their hands up google your local yoga studio and get with the program already. jeeez.

all these pieces are from old navy. they are very inexpensive. and very adorable. and despite a little fading (the black faded after several washes- but the charcoal is good as new) they go toe-to-toe in quality with more expensive brands.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

lo tech wins

sticks and stones

seems like gazillions of people are going camping this weekend. for those of us who aren't, how about a little wilderness lovefest through the talents of danna ray ?

cruise groundwork for some of these chamers. for each item purchased, 10 trees will be planted through a partnership with Trees for the Future. click here to learn more. that's just awesome.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i'm nuts again today

happy happy happy happy happy. if i keep looking at cute pictures and repeating the words it will work, right? work is really sockin it to me today.

photo by mark loper

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

blue barron

apologies for the tease. this is actually a sold item at beantown handmade.
i was in desperate need for something that would make me smile (i'm in one of the most rotten moods of all time!!!). thanks, beantown. works every time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

work it

if i wasn't wearing the tried (or tired?) and true peep toe/trouser/wrap-around sweater combo today (and if i owned the pieces above), i'd put these together and be out the door EASY. even though this dress is relatively unstructured, the banded waistline and detail around the neckline have enough character to keep it from looking like a t-shirt dress. and for the record i've got nothing against a t-shirt dress...it just doesn't fly here in nine-to-five man-suitville. at any rate, with that neckline detail i don't feel like you NEED a necklace. i would probably throw on my skinny skinny gold chain but i'd leave the razzle to the metalic ballet flats. if they didn't have a crackly finish i probably wouldn't touch 'em. to me there's a diff between razzle and razzle-dazzle. and i had my fill in middle school. add a cardi with a trim silhouette so i don't mask the identity of the dress. pull up the sleeves. throw on a few bangles. happy.

wind patterns dress from anthropologie

Friday, June 12, 2009

the coolest city in the world

...is detroit. and detroit needs a little love. and paint.

pack your bags and bring a hammer.

all photos are from kevin bauman's project

Thursday, June 11, 2009

mother nature: not the only one with a sense of humor

i've been distracted by a series of very unfortunate events lately. i haven't blogged in days. feels like weeks. anywhat's-it-who's it, i came across these brilliantly odd beauties a few days ago on etsy, made by melabo (p.s. if etsy was a house, i'd move in...i pretty much live there already). i was so excited to share but i just didn't have the mental capacity to post. so, i shared in a note to the lovely jeanie of the paper nut because she mentioned in a previous post that she liked all-white pieces. anyway, i was so happy to see the post on her blog. YAY!

despite the redundancy, i still felt like i needed to give melabo a shout out. one delightful double take after another. this is an awesome description of the unicorn bride & groom caketopper: "multi-tasking as both mythical creature and wife." love it. i needed the smiles. well done.

Friday, June 5, 2009

ashley g wiz

i keep going back back back to ashley g's shop. there is something so tender and charming about her work. initially, i was drawn to the custom portraits. send in a photo and voila! you and your squeeze mantle ready. so personal and adorable. every time i see one, my imagination goes wild and i start to create their story in my head. i started to think that maybe i didn't even need my own custom portrait because of imaginative relief i was getting from her existing stuff. but as i said, i keep going back back back. once you start flipping through the shop you can't help but fall in love with the characters. her abstracts are fab as well. simply wonderful.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

pigeon toed

these are just darling. hand thrown and darling. what a difference one little pinch or tuck makes. and how cute are these stakes?

all from pigeon toe ceramics. peruse the airplants too. ahhh. airplants.
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