Monday, September 27, 2010

in the absence of everything.

i just stumbled on hiroyuki hamada...
actually, it was more of a bulldozer to the side of the heart.
fuck me, these are beautiful.

they say you should only buy art that moves you.
well, i'm moved.

if you are also now speechless, read his blog. (this one especially)
you might lose motor control.

apocalypsed at \\\.

flat pack recipes.

this is not ocd. it's ikea.
they've released a baking book
and they wanted it to not be ugly.

it also frames each ingredient as crucial to the whole.

photography was done by carl kleiner.

whipped up at today & tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

back in black. and white.

things are not always black and white, you know.
but there are some things
in the next shop update
that just so happen to be.

slowly but surely posting some fall finds. 
new pulley listings and vintage bottles
have already found their way.

stop by and see what else is new...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

nature in numbers.

i don't like spiders.
but math is pretty cool.
ok, maybe spiders are cool too.
just not on my face.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

getting ahead of myself

i like this skirt.
not sure if it's my inner preppy...
a love for woolen plaid...
suppose it doesn't matter.
i want to wear it with a white tee
a wood bead necklace
and riding boots.

here is the ultimate question:
should i try to make this?
or is it going to be like when
denise cosby made a shirt for theo?
oh, who cares.
might as well, right?
people ended up really liking theo's shirt afterall.

what else can we make this fall?
thinking i want to make 
a thousand skirts out of vintage wool.
what else though?

busy body

man alive, i've been busy. 
as summer turns to autumn, 
i start cramming in a gazillion activities before the season officially changes. 
you'd think i was preparing for hibernation. 
no, just irrational seasonal behavior. 
realistically, i have plenty of time.  

our neighborhood has a garage sale the same time every year. 
last weekend, actually.
it amazes me how much we discover in our own closets and crannies each time.
funny, right?
the good news is:
with a bunch of crap out of the way
some of my vintage stash was exposed.
i took a time out from the hustle and bustle
of the sale
{and unprecedented people watching}
to snap a few shots.

darling ceramic cake stand

british apothecary jar

tidy monthly journals

bitty rustic cutting board

curvy grappa bottles

hamilton postal scale

keep an eye out for these in the shop this week!
also trying to cram in some apple orchard one of these weekends.
and plant bulbs.
and stake plants.
and. and. and.
do you have fall rituals?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


oh my word. around this time last year i was on the hunt for wedding garb. 
or garb-age as it turned out in the case of my wedding dress...
but that's another post altogether.
anyway, this is a photo taken sometime before the ceremony. maybe an hour.
as soon as we put our dresses on we were like: what?
i think we were heckling each other about 
what we were probably "supposed" to be doing.
{bonding. weeping. who knows?}
anyway, how cool is this shot where we all have our hands in our pockets?

photo credit: mattson pictures

Monday, September 6, 2010

back to school again

like, oh my god you guys.
it's totally time to go back to school.

so, i'm pretty sure this is the first day of 7th grade for me.
i swear my feet aren't gigantic or anything. 
they just look like skis here.
might have something to do with the white socks
with my driving moccasins.
actually, they have tiny embroidered hearts
on them that the disc camera didn't pick up on,
so don't hate.
i should also tell you that my glasses were clear acrylic
with pink on the inside lens border.
very modern for 1986. or 1987. i can't be really sure here people.
i'm kind of old.
aaaaand that pink trapper keeper folder
is covered in a white graph motif.
long live my love of graph paper!
i don't even know what to say about my brother's hook up.
seeeeriously. if i'm not mistaken he's wearing gray leather velcro sneakers.
guess i shouldn't really mock him since i probably have
a bunch of tissues stuffed in my training bra.

{special shout out to our friend chanee who is going back to school...}

what are some of your favorite school fashions of yesteryear?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


a real pretend-rideable dirt machine.

this is so damn awesome.
now i want a mini woodshop...
and some sweet jumps.

the brutality of grace.

cast from actual ballerina's arms.
presumably ones that were not actually yakuza.
disembodiment is quite unsettling.

porcelain work by min jeong seo.

danced at inkbutter.
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