Wednesday, April 28, 2010

peekage leakage

sometimes all it takes is a really sunny sick day 
to make a dent in things.

see, my stash is overflowing. 
i have so much fun stuff to share with you guys
and today i was able to get a bunch of shots in.

here are some more peeks
{twice in one day...i should probably pace myself}
i hope you likey.

 lovely linens.

bright vibes vintage vera scarf


breezy maritime scarf

i'm a loner, dottie vintage silk scarf

and, if you haven't had a chance to peruse the mothers day gift section...
well, here you go.
i haven't gotten much past these yet
so you haven't missed anything.

so, what do you think?

fresh peeks

freshly picked from the vintage stash.
soon to be in the shop.

chippy vintage bit box

wishbone wicker basket

pretty awesome vintage keeper

big love rustic dough bowl

contain yourself vintage pattern stash box

working on some other goodies for the shop too. 
they are keeping me sew busy. 
{wink wink}

stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ever so small.

that's earth.
that tiny little dot.
photographed from the surface of mars.


who would have thought such a boring image could mean so much.
thanks to marvin the martian... i mean nasa, for the photo.

mind blown at gizmodo.

tito tuesday

get in her way when new wheat grass arrives
and you will be mowed down too.
nom nom nom nom.

tito LOVES wheat grass.

the future is now.

attila horvath : sam chivers : dean gray

jason tozer : tom muller : simon page
ecolabs : lee baker : unlimited

exhibiting at the sci-fi london film festival

Monday, April 26, 2010


i like this a lot.
it looks like a cat egg.
it's called safe.

rolled around at erasing.

sew awesome

a few weeks ago the mister and i went to an estate sale
in one of the most bizarre neighborhoods. ever.
REALLY pretty and sizeable 1940's brick homes with the ugliest,
ugliest additions known to man. 
they weren't run down at all, just really tacky. 
i mean block after block after block. all tacky. 
seriously. i'm not even being snobby at all.
i was hoping to come up with some kind of analogy
to help describe this place 
but i'm at a loss.
at any rate, we did come home with some great industrial storage pieces
and other home decor. 
none of which i've had time to shoot yet, of course.
{the shop update i talked about friday STRAIGHT UP didn't happen}
amongst the goodness- ta da! -this gem:

{pardon the crappy iphone shot}

initial plans were to sell this in the shop but once i started flipping through it 
and realized it's a REALLY great source for basic tailoring
{and laughs}
i'm reevaluating the whole situation.
i have to scan some of the pages to show you guys though. 
the illustrations are awesome. 
do they beat the front cover on the awesomeness scale? 
don't be silly...

Friday, April 23, 2010

channel your energy

so looking forward to this weekend.
a big step in the bathroom redeux:
tackling the tile and new throne.
channeling the rest of my energy towards a shop update
lofty goals of it being a big one...
but the magic eight ball says don't count on it
{jerky magic eight ball}
and some bootie crafting and onesie iron-on work for a friend.
we're also taking both dogs and both cats to the vet.
it's a lot to do. 
but i feel like i have the power.
what about you?

photo struck by

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

next up...

have i been slacking with shop updates this week or what? dang.
how about a little preview of what's in store?

i found these homer laughlin tea cup sets last weekend.

it might be my favorite pattern so far. there are gazillions though 
so i'm apprehensive to pick one fave...
if you've ever researched the pattern names 
you know what i'm talkin about. jeez.

and how cool is this french roll pan? 

when i said little preview, i wasn't kidding...

an easy pill to swallow.

the pil pendant lamp by tim wigmore.
cool on top of cool. hand turned logs melded with hand blown glass.
these are amazing.

dosed at substudio.


why don't we see more rough edged knife blocks?
this one is beautiful. much more eyeball friendly.
designed by °es. sold at green your life.

sheathed at substudio.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


illustrations by michel simeon from le livre de sante.
proof that aliens have been living among us for years.
seriously, how cool are these? trippy and weird.

and is that pellet supposed to be poop?
i hope it's poop.

Monday, April 19, 2010

respect the brick.

i pity the foo who don't love lego!

these guys just love it more than most.
check out this great documentary on these seriously talented afols
(adult fan of legos)

make sure you check out the rest of cube dudes work...
he's got hundreds of sweet characters.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

peek time

this was supposed to be one of those weeks where i was going to get serious. 
start fresh. get back into the swing of working out before the day job. 
list a few new items every night. read before bed. and get more sleep. 
so far i'm zero for zero. 
when my alarm went off extra early, i was astounded so i shut it off.
haven't had enough time {let alone energy} after the day job to list anything.
reading? hah!
{pretty sure the warning label on my bff, miracle anti-ager retin-a does not count}
regardless, i'm trying to get back on track. we're only half way through the week so that leaves me with another half to turn this beast around.

so, i'm starting off by sharing a few things with you:

a bit of pharmaceutical goods.

some gorgeous kaj franck.

a tin that i find ironic.

more gorgeous finel.

and a darling enamel tea kettle.

these are among the many treasures i shot over the weekend.
soon to be up in the shop.
i hope you enjoy the peeks.
there, i feel better now. 

see anything you like?

genius on top of genius.

allow me to present the corndog egg.
the breakfast of carnies... i mean champions.

salvation from this is why you're fat.

clever indeed.

this is puma's new box. and bag. and salvation.
three years of development equal a 60% reduction
in water, fuel and energy consumption during just the manufacturing.
that's a big step.

and brilliant job making it aesthetically pleasing as well as ethically.

reworked at gizmodo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

nice buns

because i care so much about you,
i wanted to taste test these for you guys over the weekend.
just to make sure no one wastes a hard earned buck on bad treats.
again, just for you, i've taste tested these chocolate croissants from trader joe's.
found in the freezer section, ready to proof {rise} and bake.

you take them out before bed. {night night, little guys!}

when you wake up you are astounded by how much they have poofed.
and you think, oh mercy, i should have pulled out all four. what was i thinking?

and then you bake them for like twenty minutes
while you wash your face and brush your teeth.
perhaps put on a full pot of coffee for a good saturday tweek fest.
next thing you know these bad boys are done.

i was standing by with nutella and didn't even need it.
these are SO delicious.
perfect amount of chocolate. perfect amount of warm flakiness.
man, these are good.
this is not the kind of item you question at trader joe's.
these are the kind you make a special trip for.
{and subsequently get pissed because they're out}
did it just for you guys.
love ya.

black goes with everything.

i'm not much of a biker, but this is making me reconsider.
fully enclosed drivetrain and a wicked matte black design...
...and only $6,150.

pretty sweet for the 250 people rich enough to rock it.

pedaled at uncrate.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

steel running your veins.

nervous system makes my nervous system tingle.
they've really gone nuts with their new line xylem.
modeled after the veining in plant leaves...
and combining some new laws of geometry.
absolutely beautiful. love the intricacies.

we've covered these mad geniuses before...

grown at sub studio.

Friday, April 9, 2010

hungry like the wolf.

sam caldwell has the keys to a chest full of kickass.
he's got some incredible characters. i really really love these.

sniped at sub studio.
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