Friday, February 26, 2010

trash pipe.

two pieces create the perfect trashcan. [bin]
nothing to break or wear out.

plus if you put two or three in a row on your floor
it'll look like the titanic is sailing in your basement...

tossed at swissmiss
they have a video in action too...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

vroom vroom.

puma likes to build stuff out of other stuff.
mostly it's just F1 cars though. which is pretty damn cool.

raced at jalopnik

don't point that at me.

be careful picking your nose lady.

en garde at albotas

this just in. paper rules.

all of the above is paper. incredible edible paper.
from a wide variety of artists, many of which we've featured here.
never ceases to be jaw-dropping though.

there's more at the web designer depot

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


one of my favorites, brendan monroe.
has released a new zine.
it's only $6 shipped to your house.
so go buy one.
i did.

for your mans

hello mans.
or shall i say
you should get these.

shoes for the future.
spring, that is.

slipped on {or laced up} at olukai via werd.


[runs to the raid the printer for paper]

the 80s were colorful.

1880s japan. hand-colored photographs by adolfo farsari.
it's weird how people from over 100 years ago seem so alien.

...except for the voguing chick rock band in the 5th pic.

developed at gizmodo

be still my heart.

gorgeous desolate photography invaded by imperial guards and AT-ATs?
could there be anything better? seriously.

these are just perfect.
and we all have c├ędric delsaux to thank

there are almost 50 in the series, and all are worthy of your time.
go to his site and fall in love.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cool like that.

damn. these make me want to draw.
beaston has some serious style.

looks effortless, which is never the case.

swiped at swipelife.

the invasion of the fourth dimension.

so simple. like all the best things.
just more mind benders from anatoly zenkov.

a proper wind up.

a blast from the past.
a wind-up fraggle rock doozer.
i had one of these. i can still hear the whirring buzz in my head.

all mined from bflv.

support the war.

fantastic galactic propaganda.

created for the latest star wars galaxy trading card set.

tito tuesday

when tito was a teeny tiny baby
she liked to scarf herself around my neck
and on my heart
to sleep.
{and grow}

her whiskers were so close to my ear.
more tickly than you can ever imagine.
but the feeling of her purring
mixed with my heart beat
was nappy bliss to be sure.

so happy i found these baby pictures.

tito and her sister
{aka mae-mae}
were rescued
from an abandoned house
in detroit.
they kind of rescued me
at that time too.
but that's another story.

Friday, February 19, 2010

quite a broad statement

my friend jamie introduced me
to broad street
at our sleepover last weekend.
since then
i keep going back
and back
and back
to visit.
and admire.

talk about statement pieces.
stunning, eclectic combinations
comprised entirely of
love vintage bits
recycled leather
and fur in some cases.
these are not petite.
they are sizable stunners
to. be. sure.

even if i was wearing one of these
with a white vee neck tee
and some well loved jeans
{my dream uniform}
something tells me
i'd feel pretty glam.

find more of sara's designs here, at broad street.

you have the power.

haunting pictures of the hagerstown power plant.
it's a friday adventure provided by zero1o1
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