Friday, November 19, 2010


here's a peek at some goodies 
making their way to the shop this weekend.
you like?

kid size enamelware set! 
totally exclamation point worthy.

graphic wooden key hanger.
the typography and chippy paint on this is grrreat.

super cool tap set {includes a hammer & super cool block}.

gorgeous velvet clutch with a peachy satin lining.

old locks.
i love the little pointers.

lellow lens and leather case.

aaand an egg basket.

if i can get through these photos in the next few hours...
i have plenty of other goodies for a hearty shop update.

i LOVE the tiny enamelware. 
might be my fave...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

words words.

yoga cat.
does it really even matter what i say here, folks?
words words words words.
so fuzzy and cute.
words don't matter much.

pinned here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

things. i like things...

alright-y right. 
i know. i know.
this is probably not your first blush
with laura lombardi's jewelry.
every time i see these two
i want them.
after countless sightings
why haven't i bought at least one yet?
there is no good reason.
 perhaps today is our lucky day,
my friends.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

my fair lady


i haven't met a stripe i didn't like.
well, ok. maybe one or two.
but this little number makes my cheeks rosy and warm
just thinking about it.
chic and classic.
i've always been a sucker for fair isle sweaters.
paired with the buttons and stripes...
this one puts me over the edge.
unfortunately, so does the price tag.

i'm seeing plenty of lovely fair isle
in so many of my other favorite shopping holes.
warm, snuggle weight...
{alright, maybe the one on the right isn't fair isle. whatevs.}

even finding some with lest heft.
i can get my layering madness going
under these.
who am i kidding?
these are out of my price range too.
pretty though, right?

i'm on a mad hunt for fair isle.
if you've spotted a dandy, please link me.

are you hunting anything in particular 
for the cold season?

oooh. pretty.

seeing people in a new light can be beautiful.

{image from lieke romeijn}

i'm hooked

i've been super busy the past week or so.
finally tackling some projects around the house.
{which meant the shop suffered from a bit of neglect}
nothing MAJOR since we'd don't plan on staying in this house very long.
just a few things to help keep this tiny crib {somewhat} organized.
we're short on closet space
and i'm big on long sweaters
so hooks are a nice solution.
especially since this wall
was bare nekkid.

i have my heart set on a simpler set but decided to use these
since they were on hand
{bought them a long time ago at anthro, very on sale}
and i won't mind leaving them behind.
aside from our bedding
we didn't have much going on
as far as textiles.
hanging cozy sweaters and lids seem to
soften the space up a bit too.
you like?
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