Monday, November 30, 2009

don't get lost.

you can buy killer subway signs.
you can also make them say anything you want.

made of aluminum by underground signs.

chunky good looks.

wow. londoners rock.

carved out at ink&post

axe me.

wood should be safe, but your money will not.
$400 axes of coolness. um. no.
pretty though.

vampire deer.

pic by jed b
pic from f a b

they are real. and awesome.
and you can buy sweet replicas of their skulls.

they are chinese water deer, whose horns decided to grow
out of their mouth instead of their forehead.

two of these and a microphone.


not a fanny pack.

super cool hip pouch slash bike lock holder.
makes me wish i rode a bike in the city.

and really inexpensive in comparative coolness.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

happy thanksgiving

this is a photo of my grandfather. i have fond memories of arriving at their house for thanksgiving: grandmother and aunts wearing aprons putting on the finishing touches. i would slip downstairs {completely bypassing the cocktail table with creamed herring ewww} and snag a mini snickers and a faygo from the workroom stash. then i would come upstairs and admire the surroundings. grandmother was an amazing artist, clothing designer, and seamstress. she made the curtains in the background of this photo. and i loved inspecting every knick knack and detail in their home. everything seemed to have a lovely story. and this photo brings back so many lovely stories and memories. and since my grandparents have passed this photo has inspired me to host thanksgiving year after year. and i love love love to do it. what may be the best part about this photo as my thanksgiving hostess inspiration is that i noticed the date stamp along the bottom. april. hahaha. and grandpa is carving a ham. aaaand this photo was taken on easter. ha! happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

beard party.

beard the beardless.


grown at albotas

grin and bear it

this post is for my squeeze.
this made me think of you.

from eskayel.

{via design*sponge}

totally wired

i have sort of a wonky shim-sham system when it comes to following recipes. sometimes i wedge them between the olive oil bottle and sea salt jar in an upright fashion. sometimes i lay them on the bar area and hop back and forth between there and the stove. neither scenario ideal but it's a prep area reality. whatevs. book holders {and plate holders} usually have sort of a staged model home feel to them so i wrote those off long ago. after seeing this one though, i'm reconsidering. i love that it brings the book a few inches above the counter top. and frankly, the simplicity of it's design has me salivating.

found at my latest obsession haus interior

{via remodelista}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


you know when you go to the zoo
and you skip the bird house because it's boring?
andrew zuckerman knows what you are missing.
an absolutely jaw-dropping photographer.
his newest book: Bird, is exquisite.
maybe i'll swing by the storks next time.

flown by subtext

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

house of little ones.

maison des petits
an activity center for children under six in paris.
lucky little bastards with their free-form creativity.
designed by matali crasset

constructed by the coolhunter

in a modern society.

...a better way to find art.

i agree

and so does swissmiss


soccer balls cool enough to display.

tito tuesday

tito doesn't have a middle finger.
if she did, it would likely be the only bird she'd ever give away.
and, she would only do such a thing
if bothered during a massive sun soak.
as seen here.

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